by brandon crone


directed by brandon crone

performed by prince amponsah, benjamin blais,

marcia johnson, khadijah roberts-abdullah

stage management by katherine belyea

produced by alex dault, claire hill, samantha holland

set design by rachel forbes

lighting design by julian bulof

costumes by holly lloyd

dramaturgy by emma mackenzie hillier


Freddie is a virgin. His mother has hired a woman to have sex with him. There's just one catch: Freddie is completely paralysed and unable to speak.


The Contemptuous Collective, in association with safeword/The Storefront Arts Initiative premiered Contempt atThe Storefront Theatre, February 19th - March 6th, 2016




Support provided by the Toronto Arts Council and the

Ontario Arts Council.











"Playwright/director Brandon Crone delights in confounding expectations and the plot, and all of the characters, are surprising, twisted and achingly real."

"The actors inhabit their roles completely and fearlessly, moving seamlessly from harsh reality to flippant fantasy." 

-Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto (Read full article here)


"Contempt (is)...not only a spellbinding drama, but a terrific comedy as well."

"All the actors are very good and work seamlessly together."

-Burke Campbell, The Indie Critic (Read full article here)


"Very impressive on many levels."

"Contempt is what I would call a fabulous piece of theatre."

-Jess Gillis, Mooney on Theatre (Read full article here)


"Prince Amponsah as riveting"

"Crone fills his play with humour, a dream sequence, dancing, fantasy and harsh reality."

-Lynn Slotkin, The Passionate Playgoer (Read full article here)


"This is a Crone play, there is no right, and certainly no easy, answer."

"Brutal, often silly and ultimately beautiful."

-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World (Read full article here)


'Actor Prince Amponsah on returning to the stage after a tragic accident' - Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

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'Brandon Crone on Contempt: Provocative IS the new mainstream' - Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto

(Read full article here)


'That Wicked Boy' - Burke Campbell, The Indie Critic (Read full article here)




Nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' (Benjamin Blais) - 2016 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World

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