maypole rose

by brandon crone


written and directed by brandon crone

performed by alexander plouffe and g. kyle shields

stage management by katherine belyea

lighting design by randy lee


A quirky and salacious window into the imperfect life of a gay couple with an affinity for junk food, weed, and monkey sex.


safeword premiered Maypole Rose as part of Circle Jerk, a co-production with Soup Can Theatre and Aim for the Tangent featuring four short works of theatre at lemonTree studio, November 6th - 23rd, 2014


Nominee - 'Best Actor' (Alexander Plouffe) - 2014 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World

Nominee - 'Best New Work' (Brandon Crone) - 2014 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World



“It was (and is) nothing short of spectacular.”

"The erotic politics of this play are gripping and, quite frankly, really hot."

"I have never seen anything that is simultaneously so convincingly mundane and so palpably sexually charged.”

"It is so hilarious, hot, and unbelievably perfect"

"Worth 10 times the price of admission."

-Jeremy Gardiner, Jeremy Thinks Things (Read full article here)


"Every creative element on display here is operating at the highest level, working together to create an unshakeable theatrical moment”

“Stunning portrait of love and marriage."

"Crone’s hilarious, heartfelt and heartbreaking script is matched by his nuanced and inventive direction, which is in turn matched by two of the most gloriously lived-in and generous performances I’ve seen in a very long time."

-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World (Read full article here)


"A stunning piece of theatre.”

"Crone’s script is hilarious, heartbreaking, and perhaps most importantly, it’s bluntly honest.”

"The performances given by Alexander Plouffe and G. Kyle Shields are both impactful and astonishingly real."

-Logan Brown, Mooney on Theatre (Read full article here)


"Brandon Crone's Maypole Rose is a giddy delight.” 

“Each idea is comedic gold” 

“Reduced the entire audience to helpless uneasy laughter."

-Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto (Read full article here)



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