nature of the beast

by brandon crone


directed by luke brown

performed by clint butler, jakob ehman and nicholas rice

scenography by claire hill

stage management by katherine belyea

produced by alex dault

lighting design by melissa joakim

costumes by julia matias

sound design by jakob ehman


Set in the backwoods of northern Ontario, Nature of the Beast is a comedic and heartbreaking examination of sexual repression and desire. Francis lives alone in the woods in a house he built himself. Things are usually quiet until Mike, his nephew, shows up at his doorstep seeking refuge from his abusive parents. Francis wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t already entertaining another guest... who just happens to be tied up in his basement. 


safeword/The Lone Wolf Collective premiered Nature of the Beast at The Storefront Theatre, March 26th - April 11th, 2015. Support provided by the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council.







Nominee - 'Outstanding Performance - Male' (Jakob Ehman) - 2015 Dora Mavor Moore Awards

Nominee - 'Outstanding Production' - 2015 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World

Nominee - 'Outstanding New Work' (Brandon Crone) - 2015 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World

Nominee - 'Outstanding Actor' (Nicholas Rice) - 2015 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World

Nominee - 'Outstanding Supporting Actor' (Jakob Ehman) - 2015 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World



"Brandon Crone is known for plays that analyze contemporary sexual relationships and politics with a young and smart point of view.”

"...A very impressive Ehman, and a stunning immersive set by scenographer Claire Hill."

-Carly Maga, The Toronto Star (Read full article here)


"Brandon Crone is the bad boy of Canadian theatre."

"All the actors, Jakob Ehman, Clint Butler, and Nicholas Rice are terrific.”

"Luke Brown does a fine job of keeping the pace delightfully brisk, as a little bit of fibbing triggers a vortex of hilarious deception.”

"Crone’s writing is accurate and funny as hell. And what Crone bravely describes is far more commonplace than a Toronto audience might readily admit.”

-'In the Belly of the Beast' - Burke Campbell (Read full article here)


"Rice and Ehman generate strong chemistry in their scenes together."

"The plot turns dark and nasty, anger and violence replacing consolation and gentleness."

"The scenography by Claire Hill...takes the audience into the play’s environment from the moment we step into the performance space."

-Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine (Read full article here)


"Playwright Brandon Crone knows how to mess with an audience’s head. He leads us down the path of expectation and then veers off.”

"Provocative is definitely the word for Brandon Crone’s writing.”

-Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter (Read full article here)


"Crone smartly bypasses the obvious sex-farce stuff and goes for deeper humour and observations, nailing them consistently.”

“Designer Claire Hill’s done outstanding work bringing us into the picture, easily the best set I’ve seen at the Storefront in ages.”

"Crone’s script is piled high with goodies for the actors, and they run with it.”

"Rice’s ability to persuade us that he is precisely what he appears to profound and chilling."

-Mike Anderson, Mooney on Theatre (Read full article here)


"I think he just wants us to feel something, even if it hurts."

"Jakob Ehman...wildly effective playing up his natural vulnerability."

"It's infuriating."

-Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World (Read full article here)


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