by brandon crone

written and directed by brandon crone

performed by alex dault, jakob ehman, john fray, kiran friesen, leah holder

stage management by jen mills

design by claire hill

fight direction by jeremy hutton

turtleneck is a play about sex addiction, pornography, gender roles and the exploration of human limitations. It's about Vicki, a recovering sex addict who befriends Darcy, a rehabiliation worker. But when she accidently gets introduced to Darcy's volatile sex-obsessed older brother, a spiraling chain of events occurs which threatens her new life and everyone around her.


safeword premiered Turtleneck at hub14 art and performance works, February 7th - 17th, 2013


Nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' (John Fray) - 2013 My Theatre Awards Toronto, My Entertainment World



"Turtleneck gives Toronto indie theatre a good name."

"Unlike anything I’ve seen on a stage...it made me feel bad, and it turned me on."

"I’m feeling pretty tempted to position Turtleneck among my top three favorite plays I’ve seen in Toronto."

-Joslyn Kilborn, Mooney on Theatre (Read full article here)


"The actors are some of the most outstanding I have seen in a long time."

"This is an experience that I will not forget for a long time to come."

-Lorenzo Pagnotta, My Entertainment World (Read full article here)


"Friesen is fine as the recovering Vicki, emotionally true and focused in every scene."

"Crone’s written some good material."

-Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine (Read full article here)


The New Audience Experiment Podcast Review - Cue6 Productions (Listen to podcast here)


"One of the subtlest articulations of a feminist ethic that I’ve ever seen in the theatre."

"It’s one of the only plays I’ve seen in Toronto that grants to sexuality its true ambiguity and power."

-Daniel Karasik: Thoughts from a Glass House (Read full article here)



Dossier for Brandon Crone, Director/Playwright of Turtleneck - A Field of Crowns, Andrew Gabourey (Read article here)

Interview Series with John Fray - My Entertainment World (Read article here)

































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