safeword is an independent theatre company

committed to the development and production of

new Canadian plays that shed light on hidden narratives 

and provoke social and philosophical discussion.

In role-playing fantasies, a ‘safe word’ is commonly used when the actions of the scene border too far into reality.

Our performances are crafted to create a completely immersive experience that is only achievable through the medium of live theatre. We are committed to nurturing emerging Canadian playwrights and auteurs that display strong artistic visions. safeword is a safe place where we can be human 

and experience what’s really going in our lives

and those beyond our own.

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B R A N D O N   C R O N E  -  A R T I S T I C   D I R E C T O R 

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Brandon (he/they) is a queer multidisciplinary artist and arts administrator. Directing/playwriting credits include: Turtleneck, Donors, (hub14);
Maypole Rose (as part of 'Circle Jerk' co-produced with Soup Can Theatre and Aim for the Tangent, lemonTree creations); Nature of the Beast, Contempt (The Storefront Theatre) For Both Resting and Breeding (Talk Is Free Theatre/Australia Tour). Selected theatre credits include: The Prince of Homburg, Molière​, or League of Hypocrites (Talk Is Free Theatre); A Christmas Carol (TNB/STC); The Team on the Hill (Theatre Orangeville); Just Us (Theatre Aquarius); Crazy for You, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Man of La Mancha, A Midsummer Night's Dream (Theatre by the Bay); Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, Twelfth Night (CTP); The Ark (NAC); Oliver! (Princess of Wales/Mirvish). Brandon has also composed original music for The Merry Wives of Windsor  (Theatre by the Bay); Much Ado About Nothing (Single Thread) and AGO's Drama and Desire exhibition. Brandon was a participant of the 2015 Stratford Festival Playwrights Unit and is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.

A L E X   D A U L T  -  P R O D U C E R

An ‘idiot-savant’, Alex is a Toronto-based producer, playwright, actor and director. He has produced twelve site-specific shows for his company, Single Thread, and written seven (Campbell House Story, Firebrand, The Loyalists, Beekeeper’s Apprentice, Zion Schoolhouse Project, Nine Mile Portage, Nine Mile Returns) Alex was a member of the GYM advisory and coordinated a handful of workshops and panel discussions over the past few years. He loves safeword because it gives him a chance to truly let his freak flag fly. For safeword: Turtleneck (Brian), Donors (Associate Producer), Safe Words (Associate Producer) Alex is Artistic Director of Theatre by the Bay in Barrie. 

C L A I R E   H I L L  -  S C E N O G R A P H E R

A natural born shit disturber, Claire is known for her honey badger-like ability to get out of tough situations. She aims to incorporate found-space, audience-immersive settings, and upcycled materials into her work in order to promote theatre that is environmentally conscious. Recent career highlights include Turtleneck, Donors, Nature of the Beast (safeword), Nine Mile Portage, Macbeth (Theatre By the Bay), Firebrand, Ambrose (Single Thread), Human Furniture, Contractions, Les Liasions Dangereuses, House of Yes (Red One Theatre Collective), Cockfight, Retreat and Liver (Theatre Brouhaha). She is currently pursuing an MFA in sustainable scenography at York, and received a Bachelors from Dalhousie and an Masters from the University of Victoria.

s a f e w o r d