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Auditions - safeword - Sincerely, The Brunch Club

Deadline to apply: May 1st, 2024

safeword is casting five transgender* and/or nonbinary* actors to engage in an upcoming workshop and world premiere production of Sincerely, The Brunch Club written by Brandon Crone (they/them). Sincerely, The Brunch Club is a theatre play about five, young misfits who find community in a private, online group called The Brunch Club. Here, they connect and support each other while navigating the hardships of the world around them. The play consists of five short stories about each character and follows The Brunch Club over the course of a year. 

*Our definitions of transgender and nonbinary are expansive and include but are not limited to: 2-Spirit, transgender, nonbinary, intersex, agender, bigender, genderqueer, pangender, third gender, demigender, and all transgender and nonbinary identities that do not conform to western colonial paradigms. Please do not submit cisgender actors to this casting call.

Character Breakdown:


We are casting five actors of all ages to play the following roles:

HUEVOS, he/him, 18, Latinx, trans man
The outlaw. Entering his senior year at a Catholic high school, he is a disruptive loner feeling anxious about his future and going to college. He feels best when he is in charge of every situation, is charismatic, habitually confrontational, an idealist sometimes to a fault.

QUICHA, she/her, 16, trans woman
The athlete. Entering Grade 10, she recounts a challenging first year at her new high school trying to assert her identity as a woman in competitive running. Although she feels ostracized at times, running keeps her grounded, calm and focused on her goals.


WAFFLES, they/them, 14, afab nonbinary
The artist. Waffles is an aspiring musical sensation in the making. They write their own music, create choreography, and live out their celebrity fantasy through their phone on social media. 
Note: The actor playing this role must have excellent proficiency with rhythm, performing spoken word lyrics, singing melodies, and dance experience is a bonus.


OJ, she/they, 15, trans femme
The gamer. OJ is seen and heard onstage but her face is mostly obscured underneath a large hoodie. She is very shy and not as open about her trans identity in her daily life. However, she flourishes in an online video game where she embodies a skilled warrior woman.
Note: The actor playing this role should be able to sing melodies, and a bonus if they can play a hand-held instrument (ukulele, etc).

BENEDICT, they/them, 16, amab nonbinary
The outsider. Benedict is the newcomer to The Brunch Club. They have recently changed their pronouns and are in the early stages of navigating their relationship to trans identity. Benedict has always had a hard time fitting in and wants to find kinship within the group.

Please fill out this online form by May 1st, 2024 to apply and select what role(s) you would like to audition for.

Selected actors will be asked to attend an in-person audition in May 2024 and provided with sides to prepare. We will have three audition days, 2 in Toronto and 1 in Barrie.

We encourage actors from the Simcoe County area to apply. 

Everyone who applies will be invited to audition. If we don’t have capacity to schedule you for an in-person audition, you will be invited to submit a self-tape and will be provided with audition sides. safeword regularly works with *trans actors and would like to use this opportunity to see as many people as possible.


CAEA D.O.T Policy. We are accepting submissions from union and non-union performers.


Toronto, ON (Workshop & Rehearsals), Barrie, ON (Production)


Workshop Dates:
September 2024 TBC

Rehearsal & Production Dates:
October-November 2024 TBC


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