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safeword, in affiliation with Nightswimming, presents


An audio drama by Rhiannon Collett

In a town ruled by a shadowy cult, outliers Wasp and Janey nurture a dwindling community of queer resistance. Faced with social isolation and medical barriers, they remain determined to make things work and defend their home. Meanwhile, the Prophet’s daughters grapple with their own sense of home. True-believer Caroline anticipates a lavish future in the cult, but Rachel pushes back at its narrow-minded structures. When birth control is banned and Wasp’s ex-boyfriend Isaac turns up with a suspiciously generous offer, all of their lives are thrown into disarray. Suddenly the clock is ticking, and the cult is closing in. Who can they trust? And who’s in on the game?


An electrifying exploration of body autonomy and reproductive rights, Wasp will leave you ready to fight.

This audio drama will be available very soon. Stay tuned to our channels for the announcement of the official release date.


The perfect companion to
the audio drama is the published book!

Now available for purchase at Playwrights Canada Press

“Wasp is a bold, irreverent, and unflinching play, and Wasp the kind of theatrical hero I have, without realizing, been waiting all my life to encounter.” 

- Jordan Tannahill, author of Is My Microphone On? and The Listeners

“Through unexpected allegory and visceral imagery, Rhiannon Collett conjures a nightmarish yet familiar world. Wasp doesn’t shy away from themes of bodily subjugation and validation through violence, but this sophisticated and chilling play leaves us hope in the form of resistance against the forces that would destroy us.”

- Christine Quintana, author of Selfie and Espejos: Clean

“Wasp dreams of the lurid shapes resistance can take in a society where the forces of conformity are monstrously armed.” 

- Daniel Sarah Karasik, award-winning author of Plenitude and Faithful and Other Stories

Commissioned and developed by Nightswimming. This production is made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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