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In a town ruled by a shadowy cult, outliers Wasp and Janey nurture a dwindling community of queer resistance. Faced with social isolation and medical barriers, they remain determined to make things work and defend their home. When birth control is banned and Wasp’s ex-boyfriend Isaac turns up with a suspiciously generous offer, all of their lives are thrown into disarray.

Suddenly the clock is ticking, and the cult is closing in.

Who can they trust? And who’s in on the game?


Rhiannon Collett

An electrifying exploration of body autonomy and

reproductive rights, safeword is honoured to co-produce

with Harlot X, in affiliation with Nightswimming, the audio drama premiere of Wasp by award-winning author Rhiannon Collett. Coming soon!

This production is made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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